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Content and Pictures

Well I was able to get all my posts though Googles cache, however I was unable to get the files linked in the posts. I have decided to remove all links to the missing files until I am able to get them back. I will be going though old archives of mine to try and find some of these files so I can get them linked again.

I have also installed a plugin so you can view my pictures. You can browse my albums by visiting: Matt Weber’s Photo Gallery.

Old Content

So it looks like I will be unable to get the contents of my old site back, so I will most likely get what I can from Google’s cache and forget about the rest. Sorry.

I have started reading up on css, xhtml, and ajax so I can throw together a new design. I think the default WordPress theme is good enough until I can get a new one ready. Any suggestions for the design would be great.

New Host

My old host took MattWeber.Org offline this week for an unknown reason. The site was being hosted for free, so I can’t really complain. Anyways, MattWeber.Org is now being hosted by QualityHostOnline and using WordPress instead of PyBlosxom.

Being taken offline isn’t that bad because it motivated me to do something with my site. With that in mind, I am going to redesign the layout, post more often, and keep everything up to date.

For those of you looking for an old post, I can hopefully get those back and have then re-posted sometime soon. Thanks.

Mammoth 2006


Eric and I went to Mammoth last weekend and it was amazing. I arrived around 8:30am after a 4.5 hour drive from my house, not fun. Immediately after arriving it started snowing and did not stop much the entire weekend. After getting situated we all decided to go boarding. Being short on money, we opted for the $30 beginner ticket. This ticket is meant for use on one lift for beginners, of course we did not do this because the staff did not check our lift tickets when getting on lifts that take us to the top. Anyways it was snowing non-stop the entire time we were out Friday. Katie, my girlfriend, and I did not have facemasks for the first couple runs and wound up freezing our entire face’s. We got smart and put of the $16 for one which lead to a much better snowboarding experience.

On Saturday all the girls wanted to stay in and watch the entire first season of Grey’s Anatomy while all the guys went off to the mountain. We bought full lift tickets today so we could explore the entire mountain without any problems. Turns out that the top of the mountain was closed due to high winds and avalanche warnings. This was not a problem though since we could still go everywhere else. It has snowed over 18 inches that night so there was powder everywhere! Riding in this much powder was a little tough, however it did not matter how hard you fell because it was so soft.

Sunday everyone went with the beginner lift ticket again. It was a lot more crowded this day that any other for some reason. I am sure it is due to the holiday weekend. Again the snow was all powder which lead to another great day of boarding.

Check out all my random pictures here: Mammoth 2006

Blogging with PyBlosxom

Well I finally managed to get my blog moved over to PyBlosxom. Other than laziness on my part, the move went pretty well. I love the fact that I can now work on my blog using WebDAV. WebDAV allows me to post and manage my blog as if I was working with files on my main computer, not a remote server. I love it!!! I would like to thank Eric Gaumer for introducing me to PyBlosxom and WebDAV, and for the PyBlosxom flavour he designed. Thanks.

Anyways, if anyone can find any glitches, flaws, or has any comments regarding my blog, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.