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Hard Drive Died

Well the hard drive in my MacBook Pro died yesterday. I started noticing drive read/write/seek errors about a week or so ago while working in Linux and yesterday it finally kicked the bucket. Anyways, I have the AppleCare Protection Plan. I am sending it in and it should take about a week or two to get replaced according to Apple. Damn.

I received my MacBook Pro back in 3 days. The service I received from Apple was amazing. I shipped it on 3/22/07, it was fixed and shipped back to me on 3/23/07, it was delived via DHL on Saturday 3/24/07 at 9:00am PST. I would recommend the AppleCare Protection Plan for this quality service alone.

Dual Boot MacBook Pro

Well I decided to dual boot my new Core2Duo MacBook Pro with Linux and OSX. For the most part I followed the excellent wiki article, however I did add a few extra steps as well as run into a few problems.
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