Solr For WordPress on GitHub

I put Solr For WordPress on GitHub. This is the latest code for 0.3.0.

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  1. Excellent. Are you going to deploy the code from GitHub to WordPress, updating ? Thanks again.

  2. Please update this plugin for the last wordpress and solr version.
    It is completely broken!

    • I am also having some problems with committing the pages and posts. Solr is running and the settings are good.

      I am having solr v3.4.0 and wp 3.2.1

      If anyone has a solution, pls let me know.

  3. I’m very excited to see this plugin, I’ve been toying with it to try to get it to work in 3.2. I’m not sure I need the whole big huge first part of the Plugin because I think I’m going to use Nutch to crawl the site to get all the links and then just use the query and search form portions. But, just really trying to get a hold of Matt whom I’m sure could make this SOOOOO much easier to get done.

    My whole site is going to be geared to doing a search on the Directory that I’m building, so I have to get this to work.


  4. hmmm… I’m not getting any php errors when I activate the plugin – which is good – but it’s giving me some weird error message that “User doesn’t have permissions to view the page” which seems rather weird because I don’t see any authentication in the plug so that it would be checking that. I’m a Super Admin in the Multisite install, but I’m obviously not using the default username.

    Any ideas would be great. Also, do I fork this in GitHub? Or how do I do that. If I get it to work I’ll share back what I come up with.

  5. I’ve been trying to work on the plugin on Github and I’ve got all of my stuff out there but I’m stuck. Would sure like it if you could take a look. It’s all loaded pings the server and so forth, but when I go to load the pages or posts it’s not working. I’ve made the necessary changes to the sql statements to get the right data but I can’t find what s4w_pageload is doing, or where the java is. It would also be nice to get your input on which way I’m going???


  6. Tested with WordPress 3.2.1 and Solr 3.3 and found some bugs with query results. I fixed the problem and pushed the fixes up to GitHub. Still need to do some testing on multisite support as others have told me that does not work.

  7. Nice work on the plugin, it works great with WP 3.2 too!

    Couple of issues I’ve noticed:

    - I can only get the example schema.xml to work in Solr 1.4.1, not 3.x.
    - It doesn’t support WP in network (multisite) mode

    If I get a moment I’ll take a look at the second issue and see what I can do.

    • Jeremy, have you grabbed the latest version from GitHub? I fixed a few issues related to Solr the other day, but they were not related to the schema. I tested with the latest version of Solr (3.3) and the schema from GitHub without any issues. I am also aware of the issues with multisite support and am currently working on some fixes for that. Keep an eye out for those updates once I push them into GitHub.

  8. I thought this project was dead and I needed some modifications so I started a wordpress solr plugin as well – based on yours. The url is

  9. Hi Matt,

    Are you free to do some paid freelance work to get my server setup and website functioning with Solr? I’m a programmer but have no clue when it comes to servers, Java or Solr.

    Thanks in advance

  10. Hi Matt,

    I have a multisite, and when i try to index all pages and posts it shows 0% then 0.00% and stucks there. Pinging the server is a succes tho. How to make it work, or multisites are still not working?

  11. Has anyone had any success with faceting by custom taxonomy in the search results page? I see that my custom taxonomies are indexed but the facet options appear to only be Category, Author, and Tag.

  12. Lance Norskog

    I’m not familiar with WP plugin development. What is required to add Basic Auth to this?

  13. Lance Norskog

    How does this compare with the source in the WordPress site? That works in WP 3.4 with a few glitches.

  14. Hey there,
    I’m trying to use this plugin to search custom post types and it doesn’t seem to be indexing posts creating in new post types. Is this functionality present in the plugin or is that not supported? Thanks.

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