Solr for WordPress 0.2.0 Released

I just released Solr for WordPress 0.2.0. This release completely replaces the default WordPress search without any special setup. I have also added i18n support so people can translate it into different languages, integrated it into the default WordPress theme, and added support to enable or disable specific facets. This release should make it much easier for people to get setup and working correctly. As usual, please let me know of any bugs you might find by opening a report at

Download here.

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  1. Hi Matt, I just saw this on and thought this might be exactly what a client of mine is looking for. She writes about food and wines, and is looking for advanced search, the ability to search for multiple terms in one search, as in the following site:

    Would your plugin do something like that?

  2. Hi Matt,

    first of all: thanks alot for your great and really amazing work. a long time i looked for a good search-solution and today i implemented your work on, see the results here: On we write about virtual worlds, augmented reality, human interfaces etc. etc.

    soon i can replace that google box in the top right corner, there is just on feature i’m missing, compared to the “google-solution”: the indexing of the comments …. the comments are very important as well, it think.

    an if i can put a wish on the “todo-list” you would make me very happy with a spellchecker-solution, which is lucene/solr is upporting.

    that’s for now. Thanks a lot again, i appreciate your great work. Thanks!

  3. Okay :-) I just thought, i should put this link into the comment, to produce a Matt Weber result on my site. Unfortenuately “static/closed/exact” strings in doublequotes or singleqoutes are not supported as well :-(

  4. I have this plugin installed under WPMU 2.7 and a solr server running. I am able to index my pages and posts, but when searching from a blog I always receive 0 results.

    Searching from the solr server, I can see the pages have been indexed and can search for them….

    Any idea?

  5. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for this really hi-end plugin!

    Since Avi Rappoport told me Solr is a great solution for faceted meta search, I was looking for all-in-one open source platform (Drupal was the only one with its Solr&FS modules) for my local portal/yellow pages project.

    What is your fee based on?

  6. Hi, thanx for this great plugin. It looks promising..

    I’m trying to use this plugin.

    I’ve installed solr-tomcat5.5 on my server (running Debian Lenny).

    The server is : localhost:8180/solr
    I can ping it, and I can also access it from browser

    But it always failed when I execute the Load All Posts. It return error : “400″ Status: Bad Request

    Today, I’ve try to googled about this. After spending about 6 hours googling I still can’t figure out, what’s wrong..

    Do you have any suggestion about this?

    • How many posts are you trying to index? I have found a bug in 0.2.0 that a php timeout will occur and thus fail indexing if you have to many posts to index. I have fixed this in the next version which will be released soon.

  7. Hi Matt,

    one question: Does the plugin index files that were uploaded through wp-admin as well? If so, which file types are supported?

    Thanks for your answer! …and the plugin, of course. ;-)

    • No, this plugin currently does not index uploaded items. This is on a list of items for future versions, unfortunately it will not make it into 0.3.0 which will be released next.

  8. I have more than 3000 posts on my WP.

    Btw, I’m new to this SOLR thing. Since I didn’t read any information what should I do with the SOLR, I just installed solr-tomcat5.5, anda tomcat5.5 on my server and run it with default configuration.

    Should I do something with the schema.xml you mention on installation documentation?

    • This is not a problem with Solr, but a problem with PHP timeout settings. PHP will only allow a script to run for a certain amount of time before it stops execution of that script. When indexing a lot of posts we seem to hit that execution timeout setting. The only thing you can really do about it now is to change your php max execution time into php.ini, I have addressed this issue in the next version of the plugin using javascript and ajax.

  9. Since I still failed using s4w_search version 0.3, I switch back to the older version, 0.2.0.
    And I finally found out that the problem is not on your plugin, but it’s my SOLR. I use the solr-tomcat 1.2 version, which didn’t work with your attached schema.xml (got it from the error message)

    So then I upgrade my Tomcat to Tomcat 6, and upgrade solr to Solr 1.4. And it works fine..! I’ve just made some changes to make it fit my blog design.

    So.., maybe it’s better if you mention the requirement : Solr version >= 1.3

    Btw, it didn’t include comment in this search, did it? I think maybe you should add comment to the search index for the next version.

    And.., there is one more. The search result only display too little teaser. Sometimes it only shows a line of sentence. Could I make it a paragraph? Maybe by making some changes on the plugin?

  10. Hi Matt,

    We had some e-mails last year when I tried the 0.1 version. I took time to test this new version and I can see you added options for optionnal facet display.
    In the results list, I can see 3 items that can be optionnal :
    * search processing time
    * result item score
    * result item author

    Please, in your shema.xml, for text and text_lws fieldType add before the tokenizer (for index and query)

    Great job anyway.

  11. Oops,

    What I suggest to add in the shema.xml was remove from my comment.

    <charFilter class=”solr.MappingCharFilterFactory” mapping=”mapping-ISOLatin1Accent.txt”/>

  12. And if you are working with custom fields to add some meta-data (for example, if you are describing products attributes of a catalog).

    Would it be possible to extract those custom fields and use them as facets.

    To create a faceted navigation like CNET does with its products reviews (SOLR powered).

    Thank you for your reply

  13. I read in the WordPress forums that you were planning to release a brand new version. Any ETA on it? Thanks!

  14. Hi Matt

    This plugin looks perfect for. We have decided to use Solr or bobobrowse for our next module, so this would really be perfect – good work :)

    Excuse my ignorance as I’m not technical, but can you use your Solr WP plugin and still have another search engine working too?

    We are a job site and we use Sphinx for our job seekers to find jobs (which we would eventually like to replace at somepoint with Solr) and we would like to implement Solr so our clients can log in and search resumes. Is this possible? Sphinx for job seekers, your Solr plugin for clients to search resumes and other fields in the job seeker records ?

    Also, is your plugin compatible with WP 2.9.1?

    Thanks again


  15. Hi Matt,

    First of all, thank you for your hard work on this awesome plugin.

    Any idea when the new version 0.3.0 will be released?

  16. Hi,
    Thx for such a great plugin, I tested it on a test machine and it gives great results. I’m just wondering if this plugin is compatible with wp 3.0.4 ?


  17. Great plugin!
    I have a simple question. I want to retrieve all results because i want to start with a complete facet list. Normally on Solr i would use a query (*:*) with a limit of 0. Thsi doesn;t return the results but gives me a complete facetlisting. But this didn’t work in thye plugin.
    How can i get all results/facets ?

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