Monthly Archives: February 2007

Content and Pictures

Well I was able to get all my posts though Googles cache, however I was unable to get the files linked in the posts. I have decided to remove all links to the missing files until I am able to get them back. I will be going though old archives of mine to try and find some of these files so I can get them linked again.

I have also installed a plugin so you can view my pictures. You can browse my albums by visiting: Matt Weber’s Photo Gallery.

Old Content

So it looks like I will be unable to get the contents of my old site back, so I will most likely get what I can from Google’s cache and forget about the rest. Sorry.

I have started reading up on css, xhtml, and ajax so I can throw together a new design. I think the default WordPress theme is good enough until I can get a new one ready. Any suggestions for the design would be great.