Monthly Archives: July 2005

PyBlosxom Plugin:

This plugin keeps statistics on googlebot visits to you blog entry’s. It was inspired by the WP-GoogleStats plugin for wordpress. When enabled this plugin checks if the visitor is the googlebot, and if it is, updates the number of visits, last visit date, and last visit time template variables. You can use these template variables in the body of your posts to create custom messages based on visit statistics, or use the built-in $googlestats template variable to display a default message.


Back to my Roots

Well a few days ago I went back to my roots and installed Debian on my main desktop. I had been using Kubuntu for the past 3 months or so and really enjoyed it, however it had a few annoyances that finally got to me. Konqueror crashing fairly often is one of them. I expectred this to be fixed quickly, however it was not. Another major problem I had was with packages. Quite a few packages have messed up dependencies and/or are completely broken. Eric3 and PyKDE being the ones I remember the most. Since I am into Python programming right now, I found this extremely annoying and unacceptable. Kubuntu was great, however I think it is too new and has a lot of work to do before Breezy is released.

I am currently running Debian Etch, but I plan on upgrading to Debian Sid pretty soon. I read that there is a lot of new packages being worked into Sid right now that may cause some breakage, so I need to look into this more before upgrading.